The Myrtle Beach Mutiny Tie in a Thrilling Match

The Myrtle Beach Mutiny were visited by the FC Carolina Discoveries, which ended in a 2-2 tie. This is the last time the Mutiny will see the Carolina Discoveries, they end with one win and one tie against them.

The Myrtle Beach Mutiny had goals from Jose Cubillian and Anton Hysen who came off the bench, Hysen has been dealing with an ankle injury for the past few games, but is returning slowly and becoming a factor quickly.

The Mutiny are home once again next Saturday night, June 28 at 7:00pm against the Carolina Railhawks. The mutiny have played the Railhawks twice already this season and have one loss and one tie. The Mutiny will also be continuing our “Kick it to Win it” contest at halftime at our June 28 and July 11 game. There are two more chances for someone to win a Harley Davidson, but you must be present and signed up to win. Come out and watch some great soccer and have a chance to win a Harley Davidson.

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