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McDonald's Rec Soccer Academy - Brunswick County

McDonald's Rec Soccer Academy - Brunswick County

Click here to sign up for McDonald's Rec Soccer Academy in Brunswick County at Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary.

General Information - Spring 2019

For Boys and Girls Ages 4 - 12 (2008 thru 2014 birthdates).

All training(practices) and games(match play) are held at Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School, 350 Pea Landing Rd NW, Ash, NC.

Programing is Rec based, but we offer much more.   While we take all-comers, it is important that we teach all-comers. The curriculum adresses ball handling skills for all registrants over at all ages with an introduction to basic tactical shape. 

  • We deliver programming in an Academy format:  Pool training according to age group/skill level.  This means everyone receives appropriate skills training including an introduction to "The way we play and how we play."
  • All programing is delivered and supervised by licensed instructors following a specific curriculum.
  • Parents wanting to assist and have a "hand's own" experience with their child are encourageed to participate under the supervision of our instructors.

Tuesday is training only. Thursday is always a training raindate.

Saturday includes training followed by match play.  A cancelled Saturday session due to inclement weather will be rescheduled the following Saturday in addition to that Saturday's regular schedule.

See Important Notes & Inclement Weather Policy below.

Registration Fee:  $120 plus $2.50 online fee plus $30 uniform kit.  Uniform kit good for fall and spring season.  (If you registered and participated in the fall your uniform kit is good for the spring) 

All communication to you from us is by email.  You must have an active email or facebook account.   For example, we will notify you by 3:30 pm Tuesday if practice is cancelled for that day due to inclement weather.  Field closings are also posted on the Coast FA website. 


Feb 25:      Registration closes.

Feb 28:        Email blast to parents regarding age group schedule times for Mar 2nd session. 

Sat Mar 2:   Session begins (New registrants will receive uniform kit on Mar 2nd).

Tue Mar 2:   Training & Match Play

Sat Mar 9:     Training & Match Play

Tue Mar 12:  Training

Sat Mar 16:  Training & Match Play

Tue Mar 19:  Training

Sat Mar 23:  Training & Match Play

Tue Mar 26:  Training

Sat Mar 30:  Training & Match Play

T\\ue Apr 2: Training

Sat Apr 6:    Taining & Match Play

Tue Apr 9:   Training

Sat Apr 13:  Training & Match Play

Tue Apr 16: Training & Match Play (Session Ends)

Inclement Weather Policy

We do not normally cancel practices and games due to light rain or the threat of rain.  However,  we will suspend sessions due to thunderstorms or if the fields are too wet for play.  The general rule is:  “If in doubt, show up for practice and games.”  We will notify you by email 3:30 pm the day of practice for cancellation due to inclement weather.  Also you can go to the  On the homepage under the heading “Field Status” any field closing for the day will be posted by 3:30 pm.   For Saturday league game cancellation check your email by or the website.  An cancellation will be posted by 7am of game day.

Important Notes

· All players must wear shin guards.  No exceptions.

· Soccer specific cleats required for players with birthdays 8/31/2012 and earlier.  No football or baseball cleats permitted.

· Players with birthdates 09/01/12 and later may wear tennis shoes or soccer cleats

· Each player is to bring his/her own water bottle with plenty of water to practice.

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